The story of Arumak starts with one man, Mr. Metin Aydin, who established the company in 1971 in Istanbul, which still continues as a family business today. Mr. Aydin started by making specialty moulds for the production of metal parts. During the years, the company started production of many parts as a contract manufacturer especially in the textile industry. His sons are now continuing the business using the latest technology and know-how by producing high quality machining parts with CNC machines as well as moulds with over 30 years of experience.

More recently, in the last ten years, Arumak started the production of parts for the sewing machines used in the FIBC (Big Bag) industry. The company became a one of the two leading manufacturers of high quality products for the industry very quickly with the addition of personnel who had been in the business of at least twenty to twenty five years.

With its highly experienced and educated staff, Arumak was able to make sewing machines with the same quality as the top machine manufacturers in the world in a very short time. The heavy-duty AR 70 model with its simultaneous overlock and chain stich capabilities and the AR 50 model chain stitch machines will be presented for sale starting in January 2020.

With a philosophy of customer based production, Arumak is always open to new production ideas and developments. Arumak will continuously improve itself with better products.